Plugable Technologies


Plugable Technologies is one of the world’s best-known brands for USB, Bluetooth, and power-related devices. We created the company from the ground up to focus on better products, better information, and better support than you’ll find from any traditional electronics company. Focusing on online sales allows us to make more up-to-date information available to anticipate and solve problems. It also allows us to learn from customers and quickly improve our products using that feedback. We sell globally, in the following countries; USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and 22 other countries in Europe.

I have been using Plugable products for some time and I have had Zero Complaints or Problems with my Pluagble products. What intrigued me is the ease of use with their products. You Do Not have to be a Techie with years of experience to use their products. I thought some of the products would be ideal for use in an RV where space is limited and sometimes hard to use for computing. The following items are some of what I have and use daily at work and at home.

PLUGABLE USB 3.0 4K HDMI ADAPTER FOR MULTIPLE MONITORSUSB 3.0 7-PORT CHARGING HUB WITH 60W POWER ADAPTERI use the "USB 3.0 7 Port Adapter" in conjunction with 2 "Plugable USB 3.0 4K HDMI Adapter" for multiple monitors. I have 2 monitors connected to my laptop via the Plugable USB Adapter in addition to a Plugable Bluetooth Adapter and USB wireless receivers for other devices.

PLUGABLE® BLUETOOTH FULL-SIZE FOLDING KEYBOARD AND CASE FOR ANDROID, IOS, WINDOWSThe Full Size Folding Keyboard is an awesome addition to RV computing where space counts. I prefer the larger keyboard because I have plenty of space to work with but, there is Compact Keyboard as well. It connected to my iPads, iPhone and PC without any any connection issues. What surprised me the most was how sturdy it is! It lays flat and doesn't bend and twist as your typing and you don't have to worry about it pinching your fingers or not folding up correctly, this is Genius. I really only use it with my iOS devices because I hate typing on the small built in keypad. It is simple to keep charged with the USB cable that came with it. Although, I don't have to charge it very often. It also comes with a pretty cool folding case to use a stand for your device. Check out the Plugable website for full details!


Another favorite of mine is the Plugable Power Station designed with the traveler in mind. With so many devices needing power and trying to find outlets for plugging them in, this is a nice simple solution. Even though I have the Plugable 7 Port USB Adapter on a couple of my PC's, I find myself charging my devices in other places that keep my desk clear of what I consider clutter. It has 3' Power Cord that plugs into the wall and allows you to plug in 2 110 volt items and 3 USB Cables for charging devices of all types. Lets face it, we have become a society that is always thinking about charging some sort of device. Cameras, Phones, Tablets, Fit Bits, GO Pros, Wireless Speakers, and the list goes on... This adapter takes some of the hassle out of charging and it can sit just about anywhere out of sight.
I use this 4 Port USB Hub at my store for the Cash Register PC. The PC is compact because of space requirements and the rear USB ports are very hard to access and the PC only has one USB Port on the front with easy access but, one is not enough. The 4 Port USB hub works perfect for plugging in some of our other devices needed for a cash register. I also have a Plugable Bluetooth Adapter plugged into it to connect to our Bluetooth Receipt Printer. It works flawlessly and makes connections much easier. This USB Hub is small and compact and would work well with laptops in the RV environment.

The Plugable Website is packed with information and videos about their products. The products are for everyone who owns a PC, Mac or a device that runs Android or iOS operating systems. If you need an adapter, start with Plugable first and if they don't have it look elsewhere. I am amazed at how often they come out with new adapter and just flat out keep up with the latest technology! The ease of use is another plus as well!

When you go to the Plugable website you have to check out the Bluetooth Speakers and the Hard Drive Docks.

The Hard Drive Docks are a simple solution to back up your PC and keep your documents and pictures backed up and safe. If you use an online back up service the Hard Drive Docks provide a 2nd back up option and I would highly recommend the local back up, online back ups do fail! Hard Drive failures and viruses usually give you very little warning before it is to late to do a back up. There are several different Hard Drive Docks available. I have 2 back up sources for my home and business, Drop Box is one and the other is a portable Hard Drive.

These Bad Boys are a must have for the Music Lover, Bluetooth Powered Speakers are essential for listening to your favorite episodes of Radio Arizona RV or some cool tunes. I thought these would be great for under the awning when your set up for a few days and enjoying the outdoors. They are small and compact for using inside of the RV too. Because they are powered you don't need to worry about charging them and they produce an awesome listening experience in any setting. You can use them with any Device, PC or Mac and with the built in Bluetooth, connecting is a breeze. If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth, no worries, Plugable has a USB Bluetooth Adapter that will get you connected.
Check Out our Podcast on Radio Arizona RV and learn more about Plugable!