Freightliner S2RV 90% Super C Windshield Covers All Years

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  • S2RV - Sorry for the Really Bad Picture Taken in the Rain
  • Freightliner S2RV 90% Super C Windshield Covers All Years
  • S2RV - Sorry for the Really Bad Picture Taken in the Rain
  • Black Suntex 90%
  • Brown Suntex 90%
  • Beige Suntex 90%
  • Gray Suntex 90%


Freightliner S2RV Super C RV Windshield Covers - Sun Tex 90% UV Shade Material

   Sunpro Manufacturing offers Custom Made Class C Windshield Covers for the new and very popular Freightliner S2RV Chassis that has become a hit among Super C RV Owners. The Suntex 90% Windshield Covers offers 90% UV protection keeping the Hot Sun Out and the Cool Air in and adding some daytime ONLY privacy.
   These easy to use Windshield Covers take just a couple of minutes to put in place. The top rear of each corner has a pocket that slides over the top rear corner of the door and when you close the door the cover is held in place. For additional holding power, there are magnets sewn into pockets that attach themselves to the doors and the wiper blades (with matching covers) also help in holding the windshield cover in place. This is a one person job and there is not drilling or cheezy fasteners being used. The doors pull the cover tight and that eliminates any wrinkles.
   The picture we use is the real deal, no editing was done and you can see how nice it fits. Some RV's and Motorhomes are just made for certain accessories and the Freightliner S2RV is made for our Super C Windshield Covers. Comes with a Storage Bag and Wiper Blade Covers, Cleaning Instructions and Our 10 Year Warranty. We ship this Windshield Cover Rolled Up in a Box and we recommend you Keep it Rolled Up when storing it.
  • 4 Colors to Choose From - Black, Beige, Brown &Gray
  • Blocks Out 90% UV Light
  • Increased Privacy
  • Protects Your RV Interior From Damaging UV Sun Rays
  • Keep Your Cab Windows Down & The Bugs Out
  • Attaches With Magnets & Anti Theft Straps
  • Custom Made For Your Freightliner S2RV
  • Most Orders Ship In 7-10 Business Days
  • 10 Year Warranty
Sunpro Super C Freightliner S2RV RV Windshield Covers - Fits Jayco Seneca, Dynamax, Renegade and many more Class Super C motorhomes. 

Suntex 90% is a very durable and easy to clean sunshade fabric and will with stand the elements. We do recommend that you keep it away from damaging elements such as tree sap, Suntex will clean up very well and it usually does not stain easily. We recommend 4U Concentrate for cleaning it. You can also use mild cleaners such as, 409, Fantastic & Simple Green. Do Not wash in a washing machine.
We will gladly send you Color Samples Upon Request! Call or Email Us with your mailing address for our sample pack.
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